Performance-Based Marketing

Drive Leads and Awareness
A proven ROI generation program for advertisers and agencies.

Results-driven campaigns.

Developed in 2014, our performance-based marketing approach, recently branded PERFORMANCEiQ, allows select advertisers to tap into our valuable audience of affluent, educated and active newspaper subscriber households with more frequency at a substantially reduced cost based only on actual lead revenue generation for advertisers.

Our performance expectations are based on accumulated insights from similar campaigns run in markets across the country and driven by audiences who trust the brands that align with their local news and information source.

Solutions to meet any client goal.

With our comprehensive set of solutions and turn-key management, you can worry less about campaign execution and focus more on navigating what’s ahead.

Increase frequency and impressions while paying only for what works.

Our audience is your target customer.

We have run 750+ client campaigns since 2014 – generating $150M in revenue for our clients.

Our data analysts and technology dive into the data for you, letting you focus on the client relationship.

When you grow, we all grow.

Your success is important to us.

We have a dedicated team with diverse expertise, insights from over a million campaigns driving your plan, award-winning technology used globally, and industry proven technology to drive performance.

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