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Get more customers showing up at your business with local listing management.

Our Premium Listings tool will get you visibility online.

Simple fact – your customers are looking for basic information online. Don’t hide it from them.

Getting your name, address, and phone number online might seem easy, but there are more than 50+ directories that you need to keep track of. Our unique system gets you listed accurately on every site that counts. Take advantage of our partnerships with key directories such as Google My Business, Bing and Facebook to get found, manage your reviews, and protect your local reputation.

Local listings house cleaning!

Most businesses have incorrect info and missing listings – even something as minor as a typo can wreak havoc. Our technology ensures your info is squeaky-clean and seamlessly makes updates such as new locations and address changes with ease. Benefit from our relationship with Google Maps, Bing, and other major listings sites to get noticed by consumers in your community.
96% of business locations aren’t ‘Voice Search Ready’ mostly due to inaccurate business information across online directories.

Uberall Voice Search Readiness study, April 2019

Listings and customer reviews go hand in hand.

Reading reviews is second nature to you – and for your customer. Did you know reviews actually live on your local listings? That means you need to be listed to get reviewed, and that you need to keep tabs on all your listings to know what the public is saying about you. As reviews continue to gain traction, you’ll want to do whatever you can to stay on top of them. We can help.

Your friendly local listings manager.

Use the Client Center to make updates and review your online info whenever you want. Systematically control your updates – add special hours, highlight new addresses, etc. – with the click of a button. The dashboard makes it a cinch to keep up with your listing activity and gives you robust analytics on your online presence.

We’re the ones our clients trust.

We manage over two million local listings per month in more than 100,000 locations. Every month, our software takes a look at every single one of those listings and optimizes each one to ensure that our clients are getting listed in the directories that matter most.

Your local listing affects your SEO.

Your local listing is the foundation of your local search engine presence. What does that mean? Having consistently correct listings in multiple directories consolidates your digital footprint and makes it easier for customers to find you. And when that happens, you have a better chance to attract leads.

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